Runes of Aran

Runes of Aran Trailer

A storm has been raging for days. Navigation is impossible, your ship being inexorable pulled towards a mysterious island at the edge of the world. It is a place which exists in the stories of all mariners; it is a place to be shunned. It is Aran.

The ship is finally dashed ashore at the foot of huge towering cliffs. Only you get off the ship alive, crawling ashore into a surprisingly calm bay. The cliffs form an impenetrable barrier, except for a cave that frames a massive doorway composed of two tall blue stones, capped by an even larger lintel piece. Standing in the doorway is an old man, dressed in a long grey tunic. He is Amergin the Bard, and he waits patiently for you.

Amergin explains an old magic has pulled you to this place and now you are trapped, doomed to spend the rest of your days on this lost island. Unless…

What is Runes of Aran?

Runes of Aran is a third-person Action RPG set on the mysterious World of Aran, a magical island perched in the Atlantic ocean to the west of Europe. We’re creating the first game of its kind to take such comprehensive influence from the rich, untapped mythological history of the Invasions of Ireland. We believe it’s time to bring one of the most detailed and deep mythologies in the world, with all its eclectic and beautiful characters and stories, to RPG players everywhere.

Here at Tribal City Interactive, we’re delighted to be sharing the news of one of our most exciting projects.

Mar 28, 2015 / Games