The Ireland Town experience

This is the first of our Development blog posts that hopefully will give you an insight into what makes us tick at Tribal City. nike air max 2016 kopen You will find these posts a little more personal so do remember all opinions expressed are my own. bns gold They say no news travels like bad news but I want to share some good news. buy bns gold We have had the pleasure of working with Betapond on a facebook game for Tourism Ireland. Asics Pas Cher Site Officiel That game, Ireland Town, launches today for St. goedkoop nike air max 2016 Patrick’s Day. bns gold Before I continue though, you should go read this post so you understand my particular motivation to share good news. Go ahead, don’t worry, I’ll wait. This post is not about the game, Tourism Ireland and Betapond are doing a good job when it comes to PR on the game. nike tn pas cher Instead I want to talk about the great team we had the chance to work with. About 7 weeks ago, Betapond asked us to get involved in this project with them to bring our experience in social games to bear on the design of the game. This isn’t our usual modus operandi but I like Declan so we agreed to chip in. What ensued was the normal helter-skelter you would associate with a project on a tight deadline. What made this such a positive experience was working with guys who really understand how to get the job done. Being a lean startup, we are really keen on the principles espoused by Eric Ries . http://goldufo.com The process was also greatly helped by a client who was not only very open to direction but also very creative in their suggestions. From the early tete-a-tete sessions with Peter (Peter Elger, CTO Betapond), whose favourite response was ‘No, Alan’ but in a positive way, to copy prep with Richard (Richard Delevan, MD Betapond), UX Design with Naoise (Naoise Guerin, Creative Director Marino), and the daily standup with Declan (Declan Kennedy, CEO Betapond) and the whole team, we were all focused on delivering the best experience possible on launch day. It has been intense, challenging, and sometimes stressful but what worthwhile creative pursuit isn’t! And of course, the story doesn’t end here.

Mar 17, 2011 / Blog / Development