An inspirational story

This is the one of our Development blog posts that hopefully will give you an insight into what makes us tick at Tribal City. You will find these posts a little more personal so do remember all opinions expressed are my own. I’d like to share an inspirational story from my native Galway. I’m a member of Black Dragon Kickboxing gym in Galway. Last weekend while pretty much everyone involved in the gym was in the Black Box, one of Galway’s top venues, hosting possibly the best kickboxing show ever seen in Ireland, the gym burned to the ground. nike tn pas cher The fire claimed a number of businesses and left nothing behind. Asics Gel Lyte Pas Cher To say that this was a shocking blow to Pete Foley, founder of the gym and chief instructor, and his wife Clodagh is an extreme understatement. The gym was state of the art and the culmination of 15 years of Pete’s development of Black Dragon in Galway. buy bns gold Years of memorabilia including pictures, posters, certificates, awards, as well as an array of equipment – all was lost to the fire. Gel Lyte 3 pas cher This news reached Pete during the show but being the consummate professional, his focus remained with his fighters and their bouts that evening. Only late in the night was the fire mentioned at the event and even then Pete’s response was indicative of the man – we will rise stronger from these ashes. Since then, the response of those in the sport, local businesses, suppliers, friends known and unknown, has been phenomenal. Much of this can be attributed to the generosity of Irish people but this intervention has been largely driven by a desire to help a man who sets a standard to which we all aspire. There are many words I could use: genuine, honest, gentle, tough, personable, direct, true, stoic, loyal but for now the most appropriate is inspirational.

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